30 January 2013

Look For Less: Anthropologie Bedding

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this picture on Pinterest and fell in love with the bedding. Jordan and I have been on the hunt for some new bedding  for our master bedroom and this set from Anthropologie would be perfect. I'm really loving that shade of blue. We currently have gray/white bedding from Target which is great, but is starting to look dingy thanks to a certain 85 pound pup who sneaks into our bed at night. We're working on that issue, too.
Image via Pinterest
Upon closer inspection I quickly realized that the above is actually two separate bedding sets. Now let me start by saying that I love, love Anthropologie and if you know me you know my house is a testament to that, but the prices there can scare you a little. I mean with the Rivulet bedding alone you're paying $98 for a sham. ONE SHAM. Come on Anthro, calm yourself. That doesn't even factor sheets, duvet cover, quilt, etc. I was starting to get anxiety just looking on their website.
I did a little searching around online and found a much more inexpesive alternative to the gorgeous Anthropologie bedding.
The duvet cover is from Urban Outfitters and is a lightly brighter, less ruffled version of the Anthropologie Duvet (which appears to be discontinued anyway). The sheets are a simple jersey set from Target for $25.99. If you still crave a little ruffle, swap out the $98 shams for this Euro sham from Anthropologie for $68. You can get everything above for a total of $216.99. The two Anthro ruffled shams alone would cost you close to $200.
I haven't bit the bullet and bought these yet, but I will say I'm pretty tempted. I'm loving the idea of the darker sheet set, but I'm also wondering how I will feel in the summer when I'm craving light and bright. I could always swap them out for a lighter blue or gray.
What are your favorite bedding sets that don't cost and arm and a leg? Any suggestions?

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  1. I think I like the cheaper version better! LOVE all the colors and I'm generally a sucker for the perfect floral.