28 January 2013

Lucy's Toddler Room

I have been wanting to take new photos to share how Lucy's room has evolved from a nusery into a toddler room. It's been a long work in progress since she turned a year old in July and I am just now starting to feel like I'm somewhat finished (for now). 
In the beginning Lucy's nursery was primarily a pretty room where I changed her diapers and sometimes nursed her as she spent the first half of her life sleeping in our room (basinett and co-sleeping). Now that she has fully transitioned to a toddler and has been sleeping through the night in her own room since she turned one, I wanted her bedroom to be a place where she would want to spend time - reading, playing, relaxing. I used fabrics, paintings and small accents to add some color to the neutral pallet. I love keeping the walls and furniture fairly simple so I can  continue to change her bedroom as she grows (and as I constantly change my own mind).
I adjusted her gallery wall slightly, swapping out one of the infant photos for a more recent one and adding some color with art. The top herringbone painting is from my Etsy shop, Lucy + James, the bottom painting was purchased from Jen Ramos' Cocoa and Hearts shop.
The quilt is the Lali Toddler Quilt from Rikshaw design. This was the first item I bought when I decided to start upgrading her nursery and determined the look and color scheme that I chose to plan the room around.
The corner by the window is where I keep most of Lucy's toys, books, and other things she likes to play with when she's upstairs. The chalkboard was a vintage find from Goodeals. I swapped out the matchy-matchy ottoman that came with her glider for a pretty teal pouf from Urban Outfitters.
The opposite side of her room hasn't changed much.
Pillow covers are both from Etsy. Hello Fifa Doll from Land of Nod. Glider is from Walmart, although I don't recommend it, unfortunately. I was hoping for a more inexpensive version of the famous Pottery Barn glider and all the reviews I read said that this one was the closest people could find to an alternative. Well, it looks more yellow in person and the chair moves back an inch every time you rock it. We now have a gash in our wall thanks to this chair. But I'm hoping we won't need it much longer and that corner will be open for a small table and chairs.
I call this the 'Lucy' corner and joke that if she ever forgets her name we've got her covered. The letters are from Anthropologie, the banner I made for her first birthday party, all of the Lucy frames on top of the bookcase are either DIY by me or a gift from friends and family. There are 8 Lucy's in that corner.
And of course, Lucy's new play kitchen. 99.99% complete and I'm love love loving how it has turned out. I will share in another post more photos and details of how we revamped two ugly nightstands into this pretty little kitchen.
Our little girl is growing like crazy. At her 18 month appointment last week she was 22 pounds and 32 inches long. (Tall and skinny, don't we all wish!) She also is speaking so many words and phrases (we counted more than 50 that she regularly says or puts together) that the doctor said her vocabulary is close to what they expect of a three year old! She also can spell her name and count to 7. I plan to take some photos of our girl to share with you all more detail on how she's grown. I've been so busy lately that I've swapped my fancy Canon camera for my iPhone and Instagram and I'm missing our mini photoshoots we used to do each month.
Happy Monday!


  1. Awww what a sweet space! LOVE her little kitchen.

  2. What a lucky, lucky little girl! Her room is wonderful. You can tell a lot of love when into decorating and designing it! I especially love the Lucy corner!

    Molly from littlebittyprettylife.blogspot.com

  3. Lucy has got a wonderful space!! Great work!

  4. I love the play kitchen! Can't wait to have kids to make one for myself and my little one!

    Lindsay at reddoorgardens.com

  5. ahh that room is so beautiful! xx


  6. I love it! Question- what brand spray paint did you use for the gold mason jars? I did the same project and I think I used all the same supplies, but the "princess" part of the lid never fully dried. Very confusing.

    1. Thank you! I used Rustoleom in a Metallic finish. I definitely did a few coats, leaving at least an hour between each to dry. Can think of why they wouldn't.