15 January 2013

Noodles on the Wall Blog Feature

I'm so excited and incredibly flattered that Elena from Noodles on the Wall reached out  to feature myself and Lucy + James as her Stick of the Week. Elena's blog shares stories of and features 'creative moms taking on the creative' and her Stick of the Week column features one mama and shares that mama's 'noodle on the wall'.

Launched in March 2012, Elena's blog Noodles on the Wall is "about creativity, inspiring nuggets, mama moments and all things creative. I am especially inspired by Creative Moms Taking On The Creative! They are making the world more fun, a little bit easier and a whole lot prettier for us and our kids. I want to share their talents, ideas and products to the world". I love this blog as it showcases creative mamas and encourages moms to seek out their creative outlet. 

Thank you to Elena for this great opportunity! Check it out here.

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