17 January 2013

Catching Up with a Little Wedding DIY

Do you remember this post where I showed you some fun bridal shower DIY I did for my best friend's sister? Well the wedding was at the end of December and I was lucky enough to be asked to do a few things for the big day. 

Unfortunately between Christmas, a family dose of the flu and trying to get things done in time for the wedding, I didn't take any pictures on our good camera and only have these two shots from my iPhone. 

The sign on the left is a piece I made for the bride and groom's three year old daughter to carry down the aisle. It's pretty much the same as the "Future Mrs. Walker" sign I had put together for the bridal shower, finished with a thick piece of satin ribbon as a handle. I made sure to use a piece of wood that wasn't too heavy or bulky for the little one to carry. 

The picture on the right isn't the best quality. It was taken in the middle of the reception, which was at one of my absolute favorite places - Pizza by Elizabeths! (You can read me gushing about that place here.) The letters are actually Christmas tree ornaments from Pottery Barn. Each letter is silver and covered in pretty sparkly glitter, perfect for a winter wedding, and have a piece of rope on each to hang on the tree. I took another piece of craft wood (about two feet wide) and stained it before hand painting the word 'Congratulations'. The heart is a simple wooden craft piece I painted a deep red. Each letter is hung from the wood by a thin piece of rope. The picture definitely doesn't do it justice as you can't see the gorgeous sparkle of the letters and the rope was much less noticeable in person in the dark reception. 

Even with the craziness of the holiday season and the flu which set our whole family back, I had such a great time putting these pieces together. I have considered offering signs like the one on the left and the one for the bridal shower on my Etsy shop. I just don't want to get too in over my head. Will definitely keep it in the back of my mind, though...

My next big project is helping to plan a March baby shower for one of my best friends as well as helping her design a nursery for her little boy! 

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