19 February 2013

Lucy's First Valentine Party

My sweet Valentine.

Lucy had her first real party with other kids this past weekend. My friend Lindsay hosted a Valentine Sweetheart Brunch for 8 kids and their moms/dads. I actually felt like a put-together mom as I managed to pull off bringing both some form of food and making valentines for all the kids. Of course, in normal Jessica fashion I did both the food and Valentines up until 1am Friday night.

At the request of the hostess I made these great mini parfaits for the kids using three easy ingredients - sliced strawberries, Graduates strawberry yogurt and Cool Whip. 

For the Valentines I picked up these puzzles - Disney princesses for the girls and Lightning McQueen for the boys. The ribbon and baggies I already owned and I recently picked up the heart cards and owl/bird stickers for Lucy's other Valentines. I also picked up some reduced sugar fruit snacks as an added treat.

Lucy was in charge of decorating the heart cards. 

I broke each puzzle apart and put the pieces inside the small paper baggies. I tied the bags closed with a piece of festive ribbon and stapled the fruit snacks to the bag.  The birds indicated the boy puzzles and owls for the princess puzzles.

Of course we also had to make Valentines for Lucy's close friends and family. As much as I wanted to do some elaborate, detailed craft I opted for simple because I wanted Lucy to participate as much as possible. We picked up blank pink cards from Michaels along with varying Valentine themed stickers. 

I encouraged Lucy to do as much as she could on her own, with just a little guidance from mommy.

I also made sure to translate her message in each card. 

We addressed the cards to all Lucy's friends and family and shipped them out just in time to arrive for Valentine's Day. They were a hit as I received numerous excited texts and Facebook messages as soon as all Lucy's family and friends received their Valentines. 

Hope you all had a fun and love-filled Valentine's Day! Can you believe February is half over??


  1. Awww this is soooo sweet! Looks like a perfect Valentine's Day!

  2. IDK how you get Lucy to cooperate with you during projects?! Liv tried to eat the crayons and all of the candy (while it was wrapped) when we were making up her valentines for school. I also had to chase her around the house to get the stickers back! lol At least I got some exercise? haha

    1. These valentine's took a few sessions to get her to cooperate. She also was more willing to color after I had already written on them. I guess so she felt like she was coloring in something? She also liked putting the stickers on my face. :)