07 March 2013

Inspiration: The Butcher Diagram


Both Jordan and myself have worked a variety of aspects in the restaurant business. In fact, that is how we met and started dating almost 8 years go. Each of us worked as a host, server, bartender, and manager at some point. Jordan has since stayed in the restaurant bizz. After about a few years I learned that restaurant management was not for me and bowed out in favor of the booze industry. Still, we both consider ourselves 'foodies'. We love a good dinner and we love finding new places to eat. Our favorite styles of food include Tapas, Spanish, and Mexican cuisines. Take us to any Garces restaurant and we will be happy campers. That being said, only one of us can really cook - and it's not me.  Jordan loves to cook, and what he loves to cook the most is some sort of beef, chicken or pork. This man is no vegetarian and he often experiments with new ways of cooking. Some of his favorite cookbooks include The Cook and the Butcher, Volt Ink, and Grillhouse Gastropub at Home
I'm always mindful of Jordan's likes and tastes when I'm selecting decor for our house. I try not to get too feminine and ask his opinion on something before I do or buy it (although admittedly I may not always follow his opinion..).
I've been looking around Etsy a lot lately for some wall art to add to different rooms in our home and I came across a few butcher diagram prints that I think would be great to frame in our kitchen. I started digging a little deeper and founds all sorts of really cool decor pieces featuring the butcher diagram.
All of these items can be found on Etsy:

3. Pig Coasters, Set of 4, $20.00
5. Chicken Diagram 8x10 Print, Set of Four Animals, $38.85
I'm tempted to buy the cutting board to use as a serving piece when we have friends over. I'm also loving the salt and peppar shakers and whiskey glass.
What are your thoughts on the butcher diagram as decor?


  1. Working on something very similar in my kitchen. I was a chef for a number of years (still believe I am) and love the pigs!

  2. Love it! Let your readers know I will give them $2 off a glass if they let me know they found me through you and your website.