14 April 2014

New House: Lucy's Big Girl Room

Three weeks in and I'm proud to say that we have both girls' rooms finished. First, a tour of Lucy's big girl room. I had been planning this room since before we even found a house. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a mix of patterns and bold accent colors over a neutral pallet. My amazing father-in-law spent two weekends at our house repairing and painting both of the girls' rooms and closets, and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

The paint color is Benjamin Moore's 'Moonshine' and I'm hooked. This color will definitely be a staple in our house.

A quick peek at her room before we moved it. I snapped this during inspection when they still had the staging furniture in place. It's crazy to see how tiny her room looks with the larger, awkwardly placed furniture the staging company used. 

And how it looks now:

I tried to be really smart with the furniture placement. It was important that her room not only be functional, but be a place where Lucy can spend some serious time playing. The play kitchen that I DIYed from two old night stands is still a favorite of hers. 

The two jewelry boxes on the bookshelf were mine as a little girl, along with all the earrings and necklaces inside. Lucy loves to open the jewelry boxes and not only wear the necklaces, but dress her 'friends' (toys) in them, too. 

One of my favorite aspects of Lucy's room is the fact that she has two closets, meaning super storage options.

Her closets before:

And after:

The old wood shelving was ripped out of the left closet and replaced with sturdy wire shelving once the closets were each repainted.

I chose to use the left closet as a place to store Lucy's toys and art supplies. The right closet for her clothes, some shoes and her hamper.

I'll admit it took some adjustment. We had a few nights with many middle of the night wake-ups in a new place, but now that Lucy's room is finally finished and comfortable, she is really enjoying it.

I'll check back later this week with a list of resources. 


  1. so so so sweet, Jessica. you did an amazing job.

  2. I love the display of her artwork and her little bookshelf. Too cute!!