04 June 2014

Mila Jane & Lucy James

Yesterday Mila turned 6 weeks old. I want to cry at the thought of my maternity leave being halfway over. With 6 weeks to go, I've started to wonder if I have been documenting and taking photos like I did with Lucy. I did take 1 month photos of Mila two weekends ago with the intention of doing the same monthly photos and milestones I did with Lucy. Granted, I haven't posted those photos yet... Maybe with the 2 month ones.

By some luck (and a few bribes that may or may not have included ice cream for lunch), Lucy agreed to pose for some pictures yesterday. We only had a few arguments over her outfit (she wanted to wear a purple Minnie Mouse shirt and Disney Princess crocs), but she agreed when I told her she could pick and wear two of my necklaces. Mila is wearing the same tutu I used with Lucy when she was born. I'm shocked to get so many great photos. More often than not, if Lucy sees me bring out a camera she pouts and refuses to pose. I have to either sneak a photo or catch her in a good moment to get her to smile. She's been so enamored with her sister that any chance to snuggle up and hold Mila's hand and she's on board. I snapped until Mila was over it.

Please enjoy my kid overload!

and the photo shoot is over...

Back to house updates soon! We just painted two more rooms over the past week and are putting things back together. Once I get some photos I'll be sharing for sure. 

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