30 July 2014

Checking In

Things are really starting to come together in the living room. After adding some additional seating and a plant along with rearranging the mantle, it finally feels cozy in that room. I took some fresh photos of the space yesterday to share with you all hopefully later this week. I'm still working on some ideas for the other half of the room (mainly where Lucy plays with and stores her 'downstairs' toys). The plan is to remove the antique dresser (that I love!) and replace it with a console table and baskets underneath for additional toy storage.
I also have a slew of family photos to share, for those of you interested in the personal stuff. If not, a living room update will be along soon enough!
I'm back to work from maternity (until the end of August when I leave my job) so things are a little crazy at home, which in turn means slow on the blog. I'll try to check in 2-3 times a week in the meantime.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love this room--it looks amazing! Especially considering you have a little baby and a toddler! I graduated from college in May (hallelujah!) and am hopefully going to move into an apartment by next spring. Saving money is no joke! I love the recent Ikea hack you did with staining the dressers, I will have to try that because, like you, I love that look but have a small budget to work with! I'd love to see more Ikea hacks or Anthropologie hacks you've got hidden up your sleeve(: Also of course I'd love to see some family photos! You do have a freaking adorable family! Hope you are having a nice weekend!
    (Sorry for the long-ass comment! haha)

    1. Thank you for the sweet words! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. It's not always easy tackling these projects with two little ones, but I use naptime very wisely. :) I'll keep the projects coming. Thanks for reading!