21 August 2014

Inspiration: Curtain Room Dividers

As I mentioned in Tuesday's post, we are planning to hang a curtain space divider in front of our oil tank to hide one of the many eyesores we have in our utility room. We decided the best idea would be to install some sort of track system on the ceiling to hang a floor to ceiling curtain that will easily open and close. Not only can we hide our oil tank, but we want to install a storage system for all of our cleaning supplies on the wall beside it.

The next task is deciding what type of curtains to use for this space - white or colored, solid or patterned, thick or sheer?

Any of you SATC fans remember Carrie had one between her bedroom and living room? I only remember one episode of her actually using it, but I loved that idea as soon as I saw it. 

While it seems the most plain, I think the last option would be the smartest for us in that space. Sheer wouldn't work as the point of the curtain is that we don't want anything behind it to show. I love the idea and look of a patterned curtain, but since the plan is to maximize look of the space in the room and to distract the attention from that corner, it might be too busy.

Have you installed a curtain to divide up a room? Any tips?


  1. Are you painting the walls white? I think using a curtain that is close to the wall color would look best.

    1. That's a great point. We haven't decides for sure and I was initially thinking the Moonshine gray we have used in all the other rooms, but maybe in this case we will stick with white. Thanks for the suggestion!