25 August 2014

Mila Jane: 4 Month Milestones

Seriously, this face kills me. I can't stand it. 

This post crept up on me. I could have sworn I just posted about her three month milestones last week. Things around here have been going a mile a minute and I'm trying to slow down and really enjoy each moment. Friday marked 4 months for our Mila Jane and I have to say I've seen the biggest changes in her these past few weeks.

The stats:
Weight: 12 pounds, 8.5 ounces
Length: 25 inches long
  • She still sleeps great and goes to bed anywhere between 8-9:00. She isn't as scheduled these past two weeks as she has been (was sleeping 9-5 solid). She wakes usually between 3-4:00AM, but goes right back to sleep after eating. Generally wakes for the day around 7-7:30AM.
  • Has been sitting up pretty solid with assistance. We found this great chair for her (it's actually a toddler's saucer chair from Target) and she will sit in it for long periods of time. She's even sitting in the chair for all the photos in this post. It has become a lifesaver as she often grew frustrated of lying down and not being able to see things, and was usually only happy being held. 
  • We are hoping to introduce her to her activity chair soon. Uses the bumbo for short periods of time.
  • She has discovered her feet and loves to chew on those toes. :)
  • Just the past few days I caught her taking her fallen pacifier and putting it back in her mouth.
  • Jordan told me she holds her bottle when eating. I haven't seen since I'm always nursing when she's with me. 
  • She's rolling all over the place, most often from back to belly. Unfortunately she tends to do this a handful of times when she's going down for a nap or bedtime so we have to come into the room a few times and flip her.
  • Aside from the recent rolling over, she puts herself to sleep every night with the help of a snuggly swaddle and a pacifier. 
  • Smiles ALL THE TIME. We've been able to get some good laughs, too. Lucy seems to be able to get smiles and laughs out of her more than anyone. Likes to see and smile at her own reflection. Little stinker smiles so much at bedtime that it's hard to put her down. 

These eyes haven't decided if they are turning brown or staying dark blue. And those lashes...

I thought it would be fun to compare photos of Mila and Lucy at 4 months. 

(I finally learned how to adjust lighting in my photos. What a difference 3 years makes!)

I definitely see some similarities, but I didn't realize how different they really look until I put them side to side. Their smiles are almost identical, but Lucy's eyes are shaped more like Jordan's while Mila's are bigger. It's hard to see in these photos, but Mila has darker hair. Also Lucy's eyes had already changed to brown at this point and Mila's haven't made up their mind what color they will ultimately be. Lucy's nose still looks like that when she smiles. Seeing this comparison gets me excited to see how Mila will look as she grows and if she looks more or less like Lucy.  

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