03 November 2014

Mila Jane - 6 Month Milestones

We are halfway to having a one year old! 6 months seems almost unbelievable. I am truly trying to soak up every minute, while at the same time I'm loving each milestone. I'm a little late posting this but I figure better late then never. At least she hasn't turned 7 months yet!

  • Just about 15lbs. Gaining weight beautifully and eating great as usual.  
  • Sits up. Can only last a minute or so before she needs a little bit of assistance, but she's getting stronger each day. 
  • Can stand with mild assistance when holding onto something.
  • Is starting to really like her walker and bouncer. Is sitting in each for longer and longer periods of time. 
  • Really focuses on toys and holding them, grabbing them, and of course putting them in her mouth.
  • Starting to use her consonants - dadadadada
  • Reaches toward people when she wants to be held/picked up. 
  • Very clingy to mommy.
  • Less drool (woohoo!), but no teeth yet. Has starting chewing her tongue a lot, so I'm thinking they could be on the way.
  • Loud, loud, loud! Squeals and shouts.
  • Best laugh ever. Her laugh is so genuine and hearty. I don't remember Lucy's laugh being so 'real' at this age. I love hearing it several times a day. 
  • Eats rice oatmeal each night for dinner. Otherwise breastfed. 
  • We've tried 4 solid foods so far (squash, banana, avocado, apple) and she doesn't like anything! She doesn't even want to taste when she sees something other than cereal on her spoon. I even tried mixing with cereal, breast milk, etc. Girl doesn't want anything but milk and oatmeal.

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