20 April 2015

Mila Jane's 1st Birthday Party

I'll admit I slacked on the monthly photo posts (although I did make sure to keep taking the monthly photos so still a win!). This past weekend we celebrated Mila's 1st Birthday with family and friends at our house. We lucked out with amazing weather (78 degrees and sunny all day) and it was just a really fun day overall. The birthday girl did great and even let herself be passed around (she tends to be a mommy's girl). No tears during 'Happy Birthday', unlike her big sister. Her actual birthday is on Wednesday so we will be doing something low-key as a family to celebrate the real day. 

I planned a Garden Party themed birthday party and let pinks and greens be the color scheme. I DIY'd most of the decor thanks to a faux floral sale at Michaels and tons of pink balloons and tissue paper from Target. I scored some paper goods on clearance from Target in different shades of pink and even used some pink Goldfish crackers as decor. I didn't have a full plan when I started, I sort of just let myself create things as I came pu with them. In the end I LOVED the decor of the party and it was exactly how I had imagined a perfect little first birthday garden party would look like. 

As usual, I was too distracted to take many pictures during the actual party (I'm hoping to get some from my parents and in-laws), but wanted to share some photos of the decor and our sweet girls. 

Thank you to all our family and friends who came out to celebrate with us!


  1. Happy birthday to Mila! Love the theme and decorations and she looks just adorable! I just designed Deacon's birthday invitations yesterday! So cool how both our littles are so close in age. :)

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