04 January 2011

2011 project list

Now that the new year has officially kicked in, it's time to compile a list of all the projects we hope to accomplish this year. Well actually in the next 6 and a half months before the little one arrives. 

1. Rip out living room's berber carpet and replace with hardwood
2. Purchase rug for dining room
3. New barstools for kitchen breakfast bar
4. Re-carpet steps, upstairs hall, master and guest bedrooms 
5. Fix hem on living room curtains (or replace if I find better ones)
6. Rearrange master bedroom
7. Basement. So much goes with this one I don't know where to begin.
8. Update artwork around house
9. Reupholster dining room chairs and purchase pillows for bench
10. Add shelf in laundry room for cleaning storage
11. Finish painting neighbor's junk bench I started months ago

This is just a list of what we've verbally talked about doing. There's a thousand other little things I could add, but these are the main projects to tackle. I'll admit I'd be pretty happy if we accomplish at least a third of these by the time the babe comes. 

I will keep you all posted!

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