03 January 2011

Baby Room Ideas

Although I've just announced to you all that we are expecting, this is no longer news to us. As soon as we learned back in November that we had a bun in the oven, the wheels immediately began turning in my mind as I began to mentally plan our little one's nursery. 

We are fortunate that we both have very loving and generous parents (both sets are going to be first-time grandparents) who have offered to purchase different items of furniture for the babe's nursery. Jordan and I never expected nor would we ever have asked for such a generous gift. We both are really lucky to each have an amazing set of loving parents who have helped us along the way in more ways than they will ever know.

Now with regards to the nursery, let me start by saying that we do not know whether we have having a boy or girl. We do plan to find out when we can, but it is too early to tell right now. Regardless, I am very anti blue=boy and pink=girl. In fact, I practically despise pink and if we should have a girl I will highly discourage pink themed gifts. Instead I am leaning toward a gender-neutral, more modern looking nursery. I haven't decided yet whether I want to incorporate yellow, green, blue or combination of any of these for bedding and linens. I've really only planned most of the basics i.e., the furniture as well as some decorative ideas. I feel like it's too early to delve into such details as a color theme, especially when the sex is yet to be determined.  

We have one piece of furniture already purchased as a Christmas gift from my parents. 
It is the Hemnes 8 drawer dresser from IKEA in black-brown finish:
This will be used as both a changing table as well as storage for clothing, diapers, lotions, etc. I absolutely love this dresser and we originally were going to purchase it 2 years ago for our bedroom. But because of the layout of our other furniture, we settled on a different model Hemnes, tall instead of wide.

The crib is the next big purchase. I have been looking all over the internet for cribs. I knew right away that I wanted one in a white finish. I also decided early on that I am more fond of the sturdy wooden look with more of a square, boxy feel. I don't like the curvy headboards and sleigh-bed style cribs. I first fell in love with the Kendall Fixed Gate Crib on Pottery Barn Kid's website. But with a sale price of $399.00 and the fact that we weren't buying it, I felt guilty asking my in-laws for a $400 crib  (not including the mattress). Even if it is on sale. Well after searching website after website and looking at blog after blog for ideas, I think I've finally found the perfect crib:
The Graco Lauren 4-in-one Convertible Crib. It has the clean lines and sturdy wood finish I've been looking for, but without the high sale price. This baby is available at Target and Babies R Us, but it was at Walmart that I found the best price ($149.99, not including mattress).

I also am in the process of looking for a glider/rocking chair. I'm attracted more towards an upholstered arm chair with a glide feature and ottoman, more than the traditional wooden rocker/glider with a cushion. Finding the type of chair I want is easy however, finding one for under $500 seems to be the challenge.

Here are a few other ideas that I have for the nursery:

These adorable Lidan baskets from IKEA are $14.99 for a set of four. They'd be great to help store lotions, powder and other small items in or on the changing table. The largest basket could even be an easy to reach storage for diapers that I keep on top of the Hemnes. I already have a set of these in our master bath that I used to hold deodorant, moisturizer, contact solution, lotion and other daily necessities. 

The next decorative idea that I want are these fabulous zinc letters. I first saw the idea from Nicole at meohmymama. She has a post about a grandbaby room and this picture caught my eye:

Photo courtesy of meohmymama

These letters are available at Anthropologie, but for $18 a pop I'm hoping to find a less expensive version on Etsy or another website. I love the look of the word "baby" and unless we can decide on a name early on (and if it's a short one!) I think I will stick with that.

These Alvine Kottar curtains from IKEA are also a favorite of mine.

They are light and whimsical, but with a modern look. There are a few different versions of the white-with-grey pattern curtains at IKEA. But these are the most expensive ($49.99). I think because they are also the thickest. I'm still debating if I want to spend that much on curtains for the nursery. I plan to check out a few options next time I hit up IKEA.

One more item I am considering is an Expedit storage unit, also from IKEA. 

I've seen this particular item on a number of blogs for nursery ideas and it seems like a great storage piece for toys, books and baskets or other goodies. There are a number of different sizes, but the 2x4 block seems the most appropriate for what I'm planning. I think it would look good laying down so it's 4 blocks wide and 2 high, possibly under a window as a bench/window seat storage with some pillows.

Other than these ideas, I also want to find some sort of shelving for the walls. Whether it be the picture ledge style from IKEA that holds a few baby books or a deep, sturdier shelf for toys, supplies, etc above the changing table. And of course bright, fun artwork.

Note: Apartment Therapy has a great children themed website called OhDeeOh that I have been frequenting regularly for ideas. I have gotten tons of inspiration from this.

When it's not 8:00pm at night and I can get some sunlight in I will take a few before shots of the nursery. I didn't mention earlier but it is currently an "office" that basically houses a daybed and an unused desk as well as miscellaneous picture frames, wedding memorabilia and all our personal files. ALl of which will be finding a new home in the near future (except the daybed which will be donated). Possibly relocating to a new office in our basement.

For now I must go pay attention to my patient, sleepy hubby. 

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