05 January 2011


Do you have a weird quirk?
 One that even if you don't know why, something just has to be a certain way? 
Well I have one. The hubs thinks I'm just crazy.

I counted 5 soap dispensers in our house. Four hand soap and one dish detergent. 
All of them contain clear soap. 

I don't know why but I refuse to use any color soap but clear. I do have a few bottles of brightly colored dish soap in my house but they remain unopened. Before you ask why I purchased them, they were given to me by my mom as part of a poem for my bridal shower. It contained household items by name. (i.e., Remember to "Snuggle" before bed. "Resolve" any fights before the sun goes does. A marriage full of "Joy" and "Zest". You get the idea) With each line she read I opened a gift with that product.  So I have a container of blue Dawn and yellow Joy soaps. Needless to say in the 9 or so months since my shower I have yet to use the brightly colored dish soap. I do continue to purchase my clear soap as needed. 

The only reasoning I can think of
1. Clear soap just looks cleaner to me
2. Clear soap matches anything (yes even my soap needs to match)
3. Clear soap doesn't leave noticeable chunks of dried soap or streaks of dripping soap down the side of the dispenser

I guess the answer is just the aesthetics of clear soap.

Let's take a tour of soap:

kitchen hand soap

kitchen dish detergent

powder room hand soap

guest bath hand soap

master bath hand soap

It's ok, you can make fun of me. 

Is it that weird or do other people prefer the soaps around their house to be colorless?
What other quirks do people have?

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