10 January 2011

Nursery Before and Current

We successfully started on the nursery this weekend. Before I get into the changes, I need to show you a few before pictures. The third bedroom was always meant to be our office. I've had an IKEA desk in there along with a mess of all our personal files stuffed into a metal bin. I had every intention of using this room to pay bills, answer emails, etc. Since we both have laptops, we've become spoiled and have gotten in the habit of using them in the living room on the couch. I know, I know but it works for us. Jordan can do work and answer emails while I check out my blogs and we watch a movie or our shows. It's how we spend our "vegging on the couch" nights. 

The office also became sort of a second guest room as we never removed the daybed we stuck in there a few years ago as another bed when we had some friends over.  It was also temporarily the "wedding room" as I needed a place to store all the items we needed for the wedding or I was using to plan with. Along with the daybed we began throwing all sorts of odds and ends that didn't seem to belong anywhere else: a mess of picture frames, wedding memorabilia, a half broken printer, lamps with no home, and so on. A few months ago we slowly began getting rid of things that we really didn't need. And two salvation army truck pick-up appointments later, we seemed to make some progress.

Here are the before pictures:

alternate angle

inside closet

We spent a good portion of yesterday putting together the IKEA Hemnes dresser that we intend to use as a dresser/changing table. Ok and by "we" I mean that Jordan put it together while I tried to help and eventually decided it was best to stay out of his way and sort through more of the mess on the desk. 

A few hours later the nursery now looks like this:

Just taking out the bed and replacing it with the dresser already makes the room feel twice as big. The filing cabinet, desk and wicker chair will eventually be relocated. Our crib arrived to Walmart today and my in-laws picked it up after work. We hope to remove the rest of the furniture later this week and set up the crib by Saturday. 

I nabbed one of the baskets from my master bathroom to see how it would look as a lotion/powder/etc storage. The lamp is just one we've had lying around (Marshalls find) and may or may not remain there. And the little owl-face soap dish was a thrift find. Not sure what to use it for, but I'm sure I can come up with something.

Next step is to find some bedding, but I'm waiting to find out if our little babe is going to be a boy or a girl. I want something with a good pop of color since everything I mentioned in my previous post is very modern and neutral. I need to find something fun and bright to liven up the room.

I've planned in my I've been falling in love with all the bedding over at Baby Bedding. I love that you can even mix and match to create your own unique set. 

That's our progress so far and I'm already pleased with the results. I'll keep you posted on more nursery updates and we move along.

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