26 May 2011


I've always loved the Waterfall Ruffle Shower Curtain from Urban Outfitters, but not it's $79.00 price tag.

I love anything ruffled really. 
Check out their Ruffled Duvet Cover,

and I'm very seriously considering purchasing their Ruffled Laundry Bag for the baby's room.

My sweet husband got me a UO gift card for Mother's Day and while perusing their website I found this orange ruffled shower curtain for half off - only $39.99! 

I've been looking for a way to spruce up the guest bathroom, and this pop of color is the perfect fit. The rest of the bathroom pretty much has a white and beige theme going on. It still needs some work including a fresh coat of paint on the walls, some sort of art on the wall about the toilet, and replacing the 1990's countertop. 

Here are two before pictures of how the bathroom looked before. 

Well my order arrived the other day and it took me no time to rip open the box and hang the new shower curtain. I apologize in advance for the terrible lighting in these photos. Since we live in a townhouse and the guest bathroom is right in the middle of the second floor, we get little to no natural light in this room. 

In case you are curious, here is a shot of the counter in the bathroom.

The milk glass shoe is one of many pieces that my grandmother has given me over the past two years. 

The picture on the left is my gorgeous mom from 1979. And the picture on the left is my maternal grandmother. I adore both pictures. The little jar was part of a set of 4 jars with missing lids I snagged in the Ikea "as-is" room for $1.99. The white dish is from Pier One.

The guest bathroom is where I shower, so that's why I opted for a more girly feel. For me, it's roomier than our master bathroom (ok, roomy for a townhouse bathroom) and I can shower and blow dry my hair and not worry about waking up Jordan in the morning.

These shower hooks were in the clearance shelf at TJMaxx. Love them!

These gorgeous detailed towels are part of a set that my aunt gave me for a housewarming gift. I love the floral detail on a simple white towel. The rest of the set is in our master bathroom.

I'm happy to say that the orange of the fabric is almost more of a peachy-coral orange, than a bright construction cone orange it appears in the above pictures. Here is a shot of the curtain in the sunlight. It's pretty close to the picture that UO had on their website, if not a tiny bit lighter.

Since I was on a roll with ruffles, I also picked up this Gingham Ruffle Pillow in black on sale for $9.99,

along with this Ruffle Stripe Pillow in orange, also $9.99.

A sucker for letters and anything monogrammed, I had to grab myself some letters, too.

Left: Wire Frame Letter                                                                  Right: Industrial Stencil Letter

I'm still playing around with a home for each. I was limited to which letters were available. Most of the ones I was looking for were out of stock, so I opted for D's on both. Once they come back in stock I plan to get a few other letters.

Someday if I can figure out how to get some decent lighting I'll take a few real pictures and a more detailed look at the guest bathroom.

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