15 September 2011

DIY I Tried: Book Page Jars

I've decided to start a feature called "DIY I Tried" where I find DIY tutorials that catch my eye on other blogs and give them a whirl. Sometimes I follow the instructions to a 'T' and other times I may put my own spin on it.

I wish I could say that all the DIY projects I've done have been thought up by my little noggin, but that would be a total lie. Granted there are projects I have done where I saw something I wanted to try and figured it out on my own. I created my own way of doing the subway art I saw everywhere and loved so much. I also taught myself how to paint stripes on Lucy's wall. But other projects I see and I just want to give them a try. For those types of projects I thought it was only fair to give credit where credit is due. The pom poms in the nursery were taken from a wedding website where I recreated a reception decor idea, but quadrupled the size. The wood stained painting I made as an anniversary gift to Jordan featuring our wedding song was taken step-by-step from Nicole's tutorial at Me oh My. 

Today's DIY I Tried is one that I mentioned before on the website More Design Please full of fun DIY ideas that caught my eye. Decorative jars made by mod podging old books pages to the glass and using votives inside.

Project: Book Page Jars
Website Found: More Design Please

I also did my own spin on this project by using a large vase and doing the same with the book pages.

I love the texture of the wrinkles as the pages wrap around the glass.

For now it sits on the shelves in the living room. 

I'm still to this day playing around with how to decorate them.

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