29 September 2011

The Look For Less Challenge: Anthropologie

I love, love Anthropologie's home collection probably as much as everyone else out there. In fact I was there just yesterday picking up a few inspiration pieces for the dining room.

While at the mall, I also checked out Target for a few things, and I was surprised when I saw some similar items to what I saw and bought from Anthropologie. It's not that far-fetched to think that if you fall in love with something pricy at a store like Anthropologie, you can usually find a more reasonably priced alternative somewhere else. I often see things at Homegoods that I saw for two or three times the price at Pier One.

I decided to do a little research and find some more Anthropologie items for less at other stores. 


These latte bowls from Anthro have become pretty popular. I have a few myself in different sizes/colors. 

Anthropologie - $5.00 

Target - $3.99

 Winner: Anthropologie 
It's only a dollar difference per bowl and Anthro has a better range of color choices. 
The Target at my mall had three colors available. The above colors are only half of what the Anthro at my mall offers (coral, teal, chartreuse, etc). Plus they offer smaller bowls in the same colors for $2.50 each.


Anthropologie - $48.00 - 4 piece set (1 setting)

Target - $59.99 - 16 piece set (4 settings)

Winner: Target
For obvious reasons - the price. You can get four settings from Target for close to the price of 1 setting from Anthropologie.  


Anthropologie - $268.00 (Queen)

West Elm - $99.00 (Queen)

Winner: West Elm
Less expensive. Plus I like that the bedding is white, where the Anthropologie version is an off-white, ivory color. I will say that the Anthropologie bedding looks softer.
Side note: I remember Target offering a similar comforter in white, too. It seems it's no longer available online. They do have two shades of blue, but both are listed out of stock.


Anthropologie is pretty well known for their hardware. Knobs, draw pulls, hooks, switch plates - they have it all. I even bought a set of knobs for Lucy's room. I've seen knobs at other places such as Home Depot and TJ Maxx, but never quite the quality or taste of Anthro. We don't have a Hobby Lobby around here, but I've heard other bloggers rave about it so I decided to check out their online store. Sure enough, they have some very similar knobs to Anthropologie.

(L) Anthropologie - $8.00 
(R) Hobby Lobby - $3.99

(L) Anthropologie - $8.00
(R) Hobby Lobby - $2.99

(L) Anthropologie - $8.00
(R) Hobby Lobby - $2.99

Winner: Toss Up
While Hobby Lobby has some similar items for half (or less) the price of Anthropologie, Anthro still has a greater and more unique selection in my opinion. But if you aren't as picky as me, I would say Hobby Lobby is the clear winner.

There you have it. If you search hard enough you can usually find a less expensive version of what you might love from a store like Anthropologie. Remember my nursery mirror dilemma? I scored one almost identical for half the price!

What bargains have you found lately?

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  1. HI, great post. I have a real thing for cupboard knobs right now. I am in the Uk though so anthroplogy is really expensive here and we just have one shop in London.

    I found many similar items online from the uk website www.abodent.com, very similar to the what you found at hobby shop webpage. LOVE it!