07 October 2011

Happy Friday!

You may have noticed I'm working on updating the look of the blog. 
Bear with me as I am learning this as I go.

I've added a Facebook page (still very under construction),
as well as a SKOL button to the right if you'd like to add to your page.

I'm back to work Monday and I'm not sure yet how it will affect my blogging. Expect some slacking in the first week or two, but I won't be MIA for long. I've got that To-Do list to work on after all!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Since the day I started blogging Dan has been telling me to start a facebook page for the blog. I've been avoiding the task of learning how to do it all but I now feel inspired! Yours looks great :)

  2. It was pretty easy. You definitely should!