07 November 2011

Good Deals from Goodeals

Another weekend means another trip to my new favorite resale shop, Goodeals.
About a week and a half ago they cleaned out the 3 story Victorian house of a hoarder
who collected mostly paper items (including books) dating back as far as 1825.

Here are the little goodies I picked up this week:

Four antique books, $2.00 each
(They would have been $1.00 each if I had waited until Sunday, 
but I was afraid they would be picked over.)

This little antique tray for $3.00

This mirrored tray for $7.00.

This butterfly print for $1.00

These three old ads for $1.00 each.
Two from "The Illustrated London News" dating back to March and April of 1825,
and one from "The Ladies Home Journal" dated April 1927.

I've already put most of these finds to use in our house. 
Check back this week to find out what I did with my new treasures.

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