08 November 2011

Tray Chic

I told you yesterday about the great finds I picked up from Goodeals over the weekend.
It took me no time to get my old trays in their new homes.

First up this chic little $3.00 vintage tray.
I love the gold detail and the pop of red in the roses.

Only about 5"x7", it is the perfect size to serve as a small valet on my nightstand.
I now use it to hold my phone and any other little odds and ends 
like my watch or any jewelry I may take off before bed.

(See that piece of frame in the right photo?
It's the framed gift tag from Lucy's first Mother's Day present to me.
I didn't think to get a decent picture of it.)

Next up, this mirrored tray was a great find for only $7.00.
It reminds me of one my grandmother used to have that my mom now owns.

When I showed you a tour of our guest bathroom, I was using this white ceramic tray (I think from Pier one... either there or Homegoods) to hold hand soap, some frames and small bobby pins or other jewelry and accessories that I take off before jumping in the shower. 

While it did the job, it was a little too "white on white on white" with the countertop, white frame, white candle, and so on.
So I did a quick swap with my new mirrored tray.

I love the mirror effect on everything that the tray holds.
And the gold details around the edge does a great job to break up the white.

What a difference just a simple swap can make.

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