28 September 2011

More Sentimental Art

Still on my personal art kick, I did another mini project this week. 

I mentioned that for my birthday Lucy (with the help of daddy, of course) gave me the Pottery Barn jewelry box I had been wanting for some time. When the box was wrapped by the nice folks at PB, they added this cute house shaped gift tag and miniature skeleton key. I kept both as a reminder of Lucy's first present to me, knowing I would one day want to display them since they are sentimental. 

I took some supplies I already had lying around the house and got to work.

The frame was a cheapie wooden $1.00 frame from Christmas Tree Shop. I painted it silver a few months back with leftover paint from my faux zinc letters tutorial. It has been sitting empty on our living room shelves since.
The paper was leftover from the shadow box in the nursery I used to frame our hospital bracelets.

I simply discarded the glass and cut the paper down to size to frame.

I then took another frame I had lying around the house along with some scrap fabric. 

I cut the fabric an inch or so longer on each side of the glass, then wrapped it and secured with masking tape. I was sure to line up the geometric shapes carefully when I cut the fabric so that the design looked centered once in the frame.

Using my trusty glue gun, I attached the tag and key to the frames.

The key frame found it's home back on the shelves in the living room.

I'm thinking of putting the brown frame in our bedroom somewhere.
But for now the room is covered in water bottles, pacifiers, pump supplies, burp cloths, swaddles blankets along with the other miscellaneous baby things and dog toys strewn around. One of these days I'm going to reclaim our room. Lucy and Lyla have taken over.

Note: Since I chose to discard the glass from the small silver frame, I made sure to use masking tape to cover the sharp edges before tossing it in the trash. 

Another quick and easy DIY personal project using supplies I already had. 

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  1. LOVE the key. There's just something about skeleton keys...

    And I totally did your zinc letters tutorial, I can't believe I forgot to mention it! I'll hopefully be doing a post soon on some of the projects I've been tackling and I'll definitely post a picture then :)