30 August 2011

Nursery Additions

I suppose I jumped the gun a bit when I posted a nursery reveal almost two months ago. Even in the post I said that I wasn't quite satisfied with the nursery and would most likely continue to work on it. I've made some small changes and I'm finally feeling that the room is 'finished'. I love all the little additions I've made over the past few weeks and figured I would give you all a look. 


I decided the toy chest needed pillows to add some texture and a splash of color to the room. Sticking with my yellow, pink and teal color scheme, I found all three of these pillows on Etsy.

Pink Tiger Pillow - BlueDoorStyle
Yellow Chevron Pillow - CastleCreekDesigns
Teal Dandelion Pillow - Modernality2

Framed Button Art:

My framed button art found a home beside the fabric pom poms I made back in March.

Octopus Print:

I love this little framed Octopus. (Octopi? Octopuses?) It was actually a card that a family friend sent after Lucy was born. Jordan and I thought it was the cutest thing and we decided to frame it for the nursery with an old painted frame I had stuffed in the basement. The colors go perfect with the rest of the room.

'Thank Heaven' Sign:
Jordan's Aunt brought this adorable wooden sign to the hospital as a gift when Lucy was born. She purchased it at a little shop down the beach while she was on vacations the previous week. I knew exactly the perfect place to hang it. 

Crib Skirt:

I made a crib skirt! DIY and no-sew. I told you in my failed skylight curtain post that I had a plan for the yellow fabric. I'll explain you more about this crib skirt including how I made it later. 


My grandfather gave me this little white owl a few weeks ago. 
It belonged to my grandmother.
The head screws off and it is a perfume holder. How adorable is that?
I love the little gold accent on the eyes.

Additions to the Gallery Wall:

Lucy, Jordan and my hospital bracelets backed with scrap paper and framed in an Ikea shadowbox:

Lucy's horoscope from the day she was born backed with scrap paper and framed in a $1.00 gold frame from JoAnn Fabrics. (Also shown here.)

Skylight Curtain

Ok I don't have any pictures of this one because I haven't quite finished it yet. 
You can get a better idea of what I am working on in this post and this one. 

There you have it. The last few finishing touches to Lucy's nursery. I'll re-post a nursery tour in the next week or two with updated pictures of how the room looks today. 

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