30 August 2011

Where Do You Blog?

So, where do you spend most of your blogging time? 
At the kitchen table? 
In a home office? 
Maybe you need to get out of the house to a coffee shop?

I wish I could say that I have a nice office in my house. With a great desk that I retreat to when I need some 'me' time to scope out my blogs and check my email. An office that has tons of organization for bills and all my craft supplies. I actually did have an office once. But I never used it as an one, and it quickly became a junk room. The room eventually transformed into Lucy's nursery. Someday I will have an office. It just might not be in this house since we really have no more rooms except the junk room in the basement and I find our basement a bit 'icky.' But I eventually will.

In all honestly, when I'm using my laptop, I'm usually plopped on the couch. 
And the same spot of that couch each time.

This is my space. This is where I sit in the morning to peruse my blogs or check my email. And where I sit at night when hubby and I are checking our Facebook pages or I'm writing my blog post for the next day.

Yup that's my little nook. I'm not sure how I started using that as 'my spot' but it's been mine for quite some time. It's nice in the summer when the window is open and I can peek out back to the creek. The plug behind the couch also makes it a convenient spot to charge my laptop. These days I now share that space. Since it's the roomiest part of the couch it doubles as the 'diaper station' where we change Lucy. (Note the supplies on the side table.)

It also gives me the perfect view to keep an eye on Lucy when she's napping downstairs. 

Oh, and don't worry - the coffee is decaf. :)

In case you were wondering, this is Jordan's nook. Yup, we each have 'our spot' on the couch. Granted, it's on opposite sides of the couch, but it works for us. He checks his sports and music pages while I scan all my blogs. And we laugh with each other over silly videos or 'awww' over posts about dogs.

Don't worry, when we watch a movie or eat dinner in front of the tube (yes we do that from time to time), we do actually sit next to one another. We even sometimes cuddle (gasp!). But for daily computer time we each have our own routine.

Back when we would let Lyla on the couch, she would claim the corner between Jordan and me and plop down on top of ALL the pillows. We used to keep them all in that corner. They belonged to her. It was the cutest thing. We have since moved her dog bed into the living room to keep her off the couch now that we have Lucy up there with us. Needless to say, Lyla wasn't too happy in the beginning and she still tries to sneak on the couch at least once a day.

And here is my editor, Lucy. She finds my posts a bit boring sometimes.

So where do you blog or surf the web? Do you have the same spot you retreat to every day? Or do you mix it up each time depending on the day? Do you have an office with a desk just for your computer time?  Or if you're like me, you curl up on the couch with the laptop to watch TV and spend time with your loves.


  1. Where did you get your couch? we want a new sectional and I really like yours.

  2. We bought it from Boscovs just over three years ago right before moving into the house. I think it cost $1000 plus we had a 20% discount so it was $800.

  3. I always had a desk where I CLAIMED to do most of my work. But since I had a laptop that usually meant I'd plop onto the couch and surf/blog. However, when I moved from Canada to Las Vegas this past January my hubby surprised me with an iMac (for my photography) and so this baby sits on the desk in my office. If I want to be all comfy and surf/blog while watching TV or sitting in bed I steal his MacBook :)

    my desk area looks like this: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ln77ux7vjw1qih8sp.jpg