10 November 2011

$3.00 Laundry Room Art

For those of you who may think I've forgotten about my Fall To-Do list, this one's for you. 
I am making progress on my goal to spruce up our laundry room with some new art work.

Remember these frames I got for FREE at work?
They were sitting in the trash pile practically calling my name.

This weekend I put them to good use with the 3 vintage prints I bought at Goodeals.

Two of the prints I specifically chose because they had soap ads. I couldn't find a third "soap-related" ad so I purchased one that simply matched the style of the other two. It is an ad for teas instead. I had in the back of my mind as I was picking them out that these prints would be going in the laundry room, hence the theme.

The two frames I got from work were actually professionally framed, so I needed to break out the screwdriver and do a little Macguyver work to take them apart (and remember how they go back together).

It was actually much easier than I had anticipated.

I mentioned before that there was some writing on the front of the mats (you can see in the first picture) so I needed to flip them and use the back side of the mats when I reused the frames. 

The only snag I hit was when I did so, the original print was actually glued at the top to the back of the mat and left some damage when I removed it. 

It worked out in the end since I needed to attach the mat to the back of the print instead of actually using the mat how it normally is used. If I properly matted the print, it would have cut off a good chunk of the ad. So I lucked out that the art was large enough to cover the tear when the print was mounted on the mat.

Then I simply put the frame back together.

I repeated the same with my other frame and a second print. 

I also reused a frame I already own and framed the third, smaller print.

I am SO happy with how things turned out. 
The prints actually look better than I had anticipated when I purchased them. 
I can't wait to find a home for them in our laundry room.

And of course this whole project cost me next to nothing:
2 frames from work - FREE
1 frame already owned - FREE
3 prints (at $1.00 each) - $3.00

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