16 October 2011

More Thrift Adventures

This past weekend I hit up some thrift stores with Lucy and my friend Ellen.

First place we stopped was the Family Thrift - one of my usual lucky spots. This is where I usually find all my great clutches I've told you about. I was disappointed to find that the bin was MIA this trip. Hopefully that's just temporary!

Here are a few things we did check out:

Vintage projector

I always scope out the jewelry. 

Remember my $1.91 necklace?

We weren't exactly sure what this was. Some sort of meat grinder?

Do these pitchers look familiar?

They are the same design as the glasses I have in our dining room that my grandfather gave to me. 

How cool are these chairs? 

I have no place to put them. They were about $130 for the pair. This would be a great project for a skilled reupholsterer (is that a word?), but I actually like the fabric as is.

Tons of other chairs in need of a little TLC.

I was so tempted to snag this school chair for when Lucy gets bigger. 
I can picture her using it to do homework or just draw mommy some art to frame.
But with a $25.00 price tag I opted to leave it. Maybe if it was a little cheaper.

Ellen picked up this great vintage fan for $19.19.

I love the chrome grate and the 70's green base.

After Family Thrift we decided to try a new place that neither of us had been before. 

Goodeals is only a few miles from my house and I've passed it a million times. I've always sworn to check it out and just never went. Boy have we been missing out on a great resale shop. 

Here is how it works:

All items are given a number along with a price when they are first put on sale. As the weeks go by and the item is not purchased, the number corresponds with a certain percentage off. Items that have certain numbers (in this weekend's case 01-46) are FREE. Yes, literally you can pick it up and walk out the door without paying a penny. Granted there weren't a ton of these types of items, but they were there.

I'm guessing from the sheet that next week's sale will be #57 and the deals will slightly shift. Anything will a #56 will be 10% off, #55 will be 20% off and so on. Anyway, not only were the prices amazing, but they even had some really great finds. This isn't like a Goodwill or Family Thrift where items are donated. They buyout whole estates (but also accept from consigners) so Goodeals has some unique pieces. 

Horsehair brushes.

Different sized spools.

Old church pews.

I'm in love with this bistro set. 

I'm praying that the price goes down on this set (it was somewhere around $130 if I remember correctly) and I can snag it for a good price. But I think my chances of that are pretty slim.

Meanwhile, one of my shopping partners fell asleep.

Lots of globes!

An old CB radio.

This isn't the best picture, but this was a pretty cool metal shelving unit. Only $5.00.

I actually considered going back Sunday and picking it up as a potential piece for the dining room. It's pretty rusty, though, and I'm not sure how I would salvage it. I really like the metal-gold finish to it and wouldn't want to spray paint over it. If by some strange chance it's still there next weekend I may snag it.

Ellen found a basket with miscellaneous papers - sheet music, lithographs, vintage cards, etc.

Lithographs of popular Saturday Evening Post editions.

Baskets filled with vintage photos. 

They even had old pocket photo albums filled with more pictures.

So did I get anything? 

For just $6.80 I purchased three cameras, one video camera, and one flash.
I've never collected vintage cameras before, but for some reason I felt the need to buy these. How could I not for the price? I haven't figure out for sure where I'm going to put them, but I'll be finding a home for them this week. I'm sure one or two may end up on the living room shelves (aka the never-ending decor project) along with a piece of art I'm working on.

Did you find any good deals yourself this weekend?


  1. I've been collecting old cameras for a while. Yay for you starting on a collection! Have fun with it!

  2. I am going to have to check those stores out! There are also some good stores in Dover.

  3. man i want to go there so bad! i love that bistro set, too! we have been looking for some good patio furniture. our good deal for the week was a baby swing for only 10 bucks on craigslist. i looked it up- it was originally 75! i saw an old camera at a yardsale and couldn't decide on it.