30 November 2011

Laundry Room Art

Remember my $3.00 laundry room wall art? 
Made from frames I scored for free and three prints from Goodeals that cost $1.00 each.
(You can read more about how I got them here.)

Well last weekend I hung the frames up in the laundry room.

Here is how the laundry had been looking since installing the shelf back in March.

Pretty boring, right?

And here's the laundry room after I hung the photos.

It wasn't until after hanging the pictures that I realized one of the frames is slightly smaller than the other. Talk about a womp womp moment. I don't think it's too terribly noticeable, and even less so in person. 

Regardless, I'm loving how the art looks on the wall. Notice I only hung two of the three framed pieces. I haven't decided if I want to hang the third in the laundry room or somewhere else. (I'll keep you posted on that.)

I do have more that I hope to do in this room as part of my Fall to-do list. I thought about repainting the room, but I'm not sure how easy it will be to move the washer and dryer, and I don't want to just paint around them. 

I've looked around for a fun rug for this room, but because of the awkward shape and size of space, I haven't had much luck. The long runner rug that is there now (you can see a little bit of it in the first photo) is a perfect fit for the piece of floor in front if the appliances. I honestly can't even remember where I bought it, so I am thinking of keeping that rug and repurposing it somehow. 

Whether I paint some sort of pattern like this chevron DIY rug,

or maybe pick a quote or 'laundry' related words and paint them on the rug like this one:

(Both photo sources can be found on my Pinterest DIY page.
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In addition to the rug upgrade need to mount the ironing board on the wall and possibly find a new cover for it. I would also like to add some better organization to the room, and paint the wooden accordion hooks on the right wall.

But for now, every time I toss some laundry in the laundry room I'm pretty happy with the mini upgrade so far. Best part is the $3.00 price tag! 

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