29 November 2011

Prosciutto Cups with Goat Cheese and Pears

I want to share with you all the appetizer I made for Thanksgiving:
prosciutto cups with goat cheese and pears. Holy delicious. 

This was a recipe that I found on Martha Stewart's website and tweaked a little by adding goat cheese. And honestly after tasting them, I can't imagine this app without it. 

Ingredients I used:
  • One 3oz. pack of proscuitto
  • 1 Bartlett pear
  • lemon juice 
  • goat cheese 
You will also need a mini muffin tin to make the prosciutto cups. 
I didn't have one before and purchased mine for about $8 at my local grocery store.

Preheat your oven to 350. To start, cut each slice of prosciutto onto four squares. One three ounce pack will make exactly 24 cups. Take each square and place in the muffin mold to form the cup shape. Overlap any pieces that may have torn.

Pop your prosciutto in the oven for 15 minutes (or until the cups turn dark and crispy like bacon).

While the cups cook, prep the pear mixture. Simply chop up one pear into tiny diced pieces. I doubled my recipe so the portions look larger in my in my pictures. For one pear, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. 

Once the prosciutto has cooked, you want to transfer them to paper towels to cool and harden. 
The towels also will soak up the little bit of grease that forms in the cups.

Once cooled, flip the cups over and put a dab of goat cheese in each. 

Top the cups with a small spoonful of the pear mixture. 

Last step: eat and enjoy!
These were definitely a hit. My first batch was gone before most of my family showed up so I needed to make a second. 

These were so easy to make and took about 30 minutes to prep.
This is my new go-to appetizer for dinner parties and family holidays. 


  1. YUM! I cannot express to you how much I love prosciutto. This recipe looks absolutely delicious. I will definitely be trying this for Christmas!

  2. Make 2 batches. You'll end up eating half a batch yourself!

  3. that is a great point! i will probably also eat half the prosciutto before it even makes it to the muffin tin.