27 November 2011

Midas Touch

I've really been digging gold lately and have been wanting more and more to incorporate gold accents into our home. This is pretty surprising considering how much I hated gold years ago and moved into a house fully furnished with stainless steel appliances, pewter doorknobs, light fixtures and switch plates. 

And now I'm yearning for gold?

I've already begun, little by little, to add gold into our home decor.

Like in the wedding date numbers I painted for our living room shelves,

with my beloved vintage bar cart,

and my gold mirrored tray in the guest bath,

and other miscellaneous home accents.

I've had this chalkboard in our kitchen for some time now.
It was one of the many things Jordan brought from his apartment that I snagged for the house. It was originally a natural wood that I spray painted white. I've been a slacker at actually using the chalkboard and usually leave it up to guests who leave us notes or doodle while they are visiting.

The slim wall between our kitchen and living room houses a mess of eyesores: thermostat, outlet, light switch, and landline outlet. The chalkboard is a good distraction that covers at least a few of these.

Feeling a little inspired for a quickie craft this past weekend, I grabbed some leftover gold craft paint from the wedding numbers project and got to work. 

In no time I had a quick little upgrade:

Sometimes the simplest, quickest upgrades are my favorite. 
They really make a world of difference in how something looks, and this project is no different. 
I love the fresh look of the gold frame, especially paired with the pink bowl. Pink and gold are quickly becoming a favorite pairing of mine. Along with black and gold.

The gold nicely compliments the gold accent on my Anthropologie bowl. 

Now I'm itching for more gold!

How do you feel about gold in your home? 
Are you like me and have been craving gold in your decor? 
Or do you stand by your pewter or bronzed accents?

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