23 October 2011

Uninvited Guests and a Quickie Craft

This weekend didn't quite go as we planned. Jordan had off all weekend so we were hoping to spend some good family time together. We had some things planned including going out for a much needed dinner date Saturday night. Our plans fell through when we had an uninvited guest in our house... or should I say guests. FLEAS. Yes, fleas. And if you've ever had a pet with fleas, you know what a pain in the butt they are to get rid of. Well, we had two animals with them. 

Saturday was spent washing every sheet, towel, rug, pillow, blanket, etc in the house. We also had to thoroughly vacuum the entire upstairs (thank god we no longer have carpet downstairs) and use this special spray in all the rooms. Last but not least, we had to give two flea baths: one for a tolerable puppy, and one for a not-so-tolerable cat. By the time we finished it was almost 8:00 and we were both beat. Our nice dinner consisted of takeout from Chipotle (I won't complain though, it was pretty darn good.) and catching up on our shows from the week.

I did manage to squeeze in one quick crafty project this weekend. Lucy and I took a trip to Michael's Friday night in search of a large canvas for our dining room. (We have a large piece of wall art we are scheming, but more on that later). I had my "40% off one item" coupon in tow, but of course the size I wanted (24x48) was sold out. Boo! So I grabbed a few other things instead.

They had these wooden numbers on clearance for $.79 each. So I snagged a few.

Anyone recognize the significance numbers? 
They are our wedding date: May 15, 2010. 
Ok, the zero is actually the letter 'O'. 
They had no zeros left so I had to pay for a full priced letter, still only $.99.

I also picked up some more Martha Stewart craft paint in metallic gold.

You may remember I used her craft paint for the floating photo booth frame project I did a few weeks ago. I was pretty happy with the results and the paint only costs $1.99 per bottle (plus both times I purchased, they were 30% off).

I grabbed my sponge brush and got to work. 
Three coats of paint later I had these beauties:

They found a home on the living room shelves.

You know how some people change their mantles for the seasons? I change my shelves like that. 
Except more often. And not because of the holidays, but because I am so indecisive. 

You can see I found a home for the vintage cameras I scored last weekend. 

And did you notice that framed map? 

It's a map of Bermuda, where we went on our honeymoon. 
Just adding more as part of the personal art decor kick I've been on.


  1. I love the metallic colors of the numbers!

  2. Thanks! Super easy and super inexpensive. Less than $6.00 to create!