22 December 2011

5 Month Milestones

I cannot believe our little girl is 5 months old already. Seriously, I feel like I just found out I was pregnant (and that was over a year ago!) I'm so excited for her first Christmas. I have two (yes, two) Christmas dresses. I'm already setting her up to be just like her mom when it comes to clothes.

5 Month Milestones:
  • Eating approximately 5oz every three hours (she is fed either by me or pumped milk when I am at work - no formula)
  • Sleeps approximately 9 straight hours a night and takes 2-3 naps/day
  • Talks so much! Squeals all day long - LOUD!
  • Sits up (sometimes needs assistance)
  • Rolls over back to belly and back again
  • Will push up on her belly for long periods of time - hasn't attempted crawling yet, but does kick feet a little
  • Grabs everything!
  • Has started to reach for people
  • Obsessed with her feet. Pulls socks off and tries to eat her feet
  • Has such a distinct personality
  • Recognizes voices over the phone and family members in pictures
  • Recognizes her own name
  • Smiles and laughs all day long
  • Loves her bouncer and will sit in it for up to 45 minutes playing with all the activites attached to it
  • When holding toys likes to 'whip' them around. We have make sure we hand her soft toys because she's hit herself once or twice with excitement.
We haven't started her on rice or any solids, yet. Her pediatrician basically told us she's gaining weight and she sleeps through the night, so she's getting all she needs. We could technically keep her on milk until she's a year old, but we will eventually start to experiment with a few solids. Like I've mentioned before, I'm making all her food which I'm very excited about.

It's incredible to notice all the changes not just physically, but developmentally, that Lucy has been going through. She has really become her own person who we already know is going to be hilarious once she can talk.

PS. Anyone else having trouble with Picnik?
I haven't been able to get it to work properly in days. Ugh..


  1. she's such a doll! no- i haven't had any problems with picnik. :/ hope you can figure it out

  2. What a beautiful precious girl! I know yall are so blessed to have her.

    As far as picnik goes, I haven't had any problems lately. Hope it started working for you!