21 December 2011

Guest Blogger: Danielle from Neat & Tangled

Today I have a special treat - my friend Danielle over at Neat & Tangled is guest blogging! You may remember I did a guest post for her last month with the owl silverware holders I DIY'ed. Danielle is a different kind of DIY-er than I am - she does paper crafting. Paper crafting has always amazed me because of how intricate the designs look. It's such a different type of DIY than I do and I love looking at Danielle's blog and seeing the variety of cards she creates. I never quite understood how she made them and they look so detailed, so I asked Danielle if she'd mind giving a tutorial of how to create a card from scratch. Check it out:

Hey there! Danielle here, doing a little guest blogging for Jess.  She was so kind to help me out back in November by doing a guest blog post for me while I spent time with my new baby.  I was so excited when she asked if I’d like to do a post for her – of course!

Now let me preface by saying I’m not so much of a home improvement DIY type (although I have done a few things), I’m more DIY on the paper crafting front.  I’m big into making cards, stationary, scrapbooks, etc.  The beauty of what I make is that it doesn’t have to be limited to those things. The cards and things I make can easily be transformed into wall art, or used as inspiration for other projects. For example, here is a picture of how I incorporated cards into a collage on my son’s bedroom wall.

I had a really hard time deciding what to make to share with you all, there were so many ways to go. First I made some stationary…

It was cute, but it seemed a little dull. So, I decided to show you 2 different approaches to card making. One is super simple, so if you just want to get your feet wet you can. The other is a little more in depth. All the supplies I used are listed at the bottom of this page. You can click the thumbnail and it will take you to a shop (Simon Says Stamp) where you can get everything.  Although most supplies can be found at your local Michael’s, JoAnn’s, or AC Moore.

Rather than do a photo step-by-step I shot a little video to show you how these cards came together. I tried to keep it short and just give you the basics. If you think you’re remotely interested in diving into this world of paper crafting I’m doing a  “getting started” video series starting the week after Christmas that will cover all the basics.  So be sure to swing by my blog and check it out.  Now onto the video:

And here are the finished products.

 I thought it would look lovely framed and hanging on a wall, so I did that too :o) 

Thank you Jess for letting me hang out on your blog today!



  1. this is such an adorable idea!!! Danielle you're such a genius!

  2. Very cute!!