20 December 2011

Keys Please

Another trip to Goodeals means to a few more gems for our house! I snagged three new things on my last trip and already put one of them to use.

I love the detail and shape of this frame. Got it for $3.50.
Debating if I want to use it to frame some photos, create a DIY art piece, or make a mini chalkboard. This will most likely go in the guest room. I've got plans for a wall of gold frames in there.

Although I have yet to figure out what to do with it, I loved this vintage window when I saw it and had to buy.
I am sucker for the distressed, chipped paint and knicks in the wood.
Can't wait to find a permanent home for it - possibly in the guest room as well.
Picked this up for $11.20

Lastly, I had eyed this keychain hook a few weeks ago and when I saw it was still there, marked down from $7 to $4.90 I had to buy.

I initially wanted to put the key hook in our guest room so that when guests stayed, they had somewhere to put their keys. (We actually do get a fair number of guests staying over throughout the year.) But Jordan suggested replacing our current key hook in the hallway.

Here is the key hook we've had.
It hold my keys, Jordan's keys, the mailbox key, Lucy's keys :), and Lyla's leash.
Nothing wrong with it, but it's becoming a bit of an eyesore getting junked up.

So I took off the old hook and was left with this mess:

Luckily I always have spare paint leftover whenever we paint a room so I grabbed that with my trusty spackle and got to work.

I'm no professional spackle-applier.
I don't even use the tools, I use just my fingers.
But, hey it gets the job done.

A quick spackle, coat of paint and couple of nails later, my hook is up.

If you look closely I did need to hang it with three nails so the weight of one set of keys on one side wouldn't cause the hook to tilt and spill. I used small nails so they are barely noticeable.

I love how the detail on the key is actually the same design as the detail on the mirror in the foyer on the opposite wall.

The old silver keychain hook will actually go inside the coat closet so we can still hang Lyla's leash somewhere with easy access to the front door.

My next step is to find a new gold knob for the coat closet.
I'd also like to give the closet a fresh coat of paint (it's still bright blue from the old owners) and some much needed organization. 

I'm also debating if I want to hang some sort of framed photo or DIY art piece above the key hook.

Here are a few of the knobs I've been eyeing up at Anthropologie.
For both this door and the closet doors in the guest room.

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