12 December 2011

Caught My Eye

No matter how much I intend to get done on a Sunday night, 
as soon as this one falls asleep on me, it's all over.

Here are a few things that caught my eye this weekend:

- My good friend Andrea from college started a blog about healthy living. Great guide to what foods to snack on and what to avoid along with other tips to living well. 

- Speaking of, another classmate from college has become a YouTube sensation with her fitness videos and guide to healthy living. She now has a great website. I find her videos especially helpful as I don't have time to get to the gym with Lucy and try to squeeze workouts in during her naps. (via Sarafit)

- Joanna's holiday gift guide. She does this every year and gives amazing suggestions for your best friend, brother, sisterdad, and mom. Now I need her to give ideas for your husband! Maybe this week. (via Cup of Jo)

- Such a fun, interesting website featuring old loves. Some I'd forgotten about, and others I never knew dated! (via Old Love)

- Every blogger should read Kate's ten tips for better home photography. I know I'm always trying to improve my blog pictures. (via Centsational Girl)

- I love, love the look of these gingerbread snowflake cookies. Must try! (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

- I'm dying to try this tutorial I recently pinned showing how to convert photos to canvas art. Now to decide on the perfect photo. (via a beautiful mess)

- Speaking of Pinterest, check mine out. Here are more DIY projects I've been dying to try. May need to implement my own version of a Pinterest Challenge. Who wants in??


  1. not exactly sure what a pinterst challenge is, but i'm in~ sounds fun!

  2. Thanks Jess for including me on here! I actually have a perfect workout for you tomorrow coincidentally. I filmed with my friend Elle in LA who is also a new mom and the workout is for moms at home a little one. Checking out Andrea's tumblr now too!

  3. Meggan - do you have a Pinterest account? Basically the challenge is to pick a DIY project you've 'pinned' because you wanted to do it, and you have a week or so to get it done. Click on the link in my post to see what some other bloggers did. Maybe we can get a small group of us to do it!

    Sarah - I'm excited for the workout! I'm still trying to get my pre-baby belly back where it was. Love your crunch less ab video.