15 February 2012

Guest Room Painting - DONE

The day has come! The walls and trim in the guest room have been painted and are finally finished! It took a little longer than I had anticipated, but I still was able to complete the project in just under two weeks. 

Just for comparison's sake, here is the progression of the wall painting, starting with how the room used to look with the dark green walls:

and then after the primer,

after the first coat of paint,

and now here is how the room now looks with the second coat on the walls and the bed pushed back against the window. 

I wish this picture gave justice to how bright the guest room now looks, and even how much bigger the space seems with the lighter, brighter walls. 

I'll admit that I haven't painted inside the closet just yet. I'm actually debating what I'd like to do with the closet. It's only a guest room and we don't necessarily need the space for clothing, since our guests usually only stay 1-2 nights. I've considered making some sort of storage system, or even transforming it into one of those "offices in a closet" I've seen a lot recently.

You can see my new gold ottoman I scored from Target. I was anxious to see how it looked in the all-white room, but I'm not sure where it will permanently reside.

For this upcoming weekend, I am hoping to get a lot of the decor planned and started. I'm going to do some thrifting at a few of my favorite spots and find some great gold frames for a wall collage, and hopefully plan some art to go in those frames. I also have an old black "window" mirror I bought from Target over a year ago that I'm thinking of refinishing in either a gold or white.

I started to refinish my wine crate into a storage box last week. The crate has been stained and all that is left is drilling the holes and attaching the rope handles. I can't wait to show you all. I'm loving how it's turning out. Textile-wise, a curtain rod and curtain is needed for guest privacy at night, as well as some great accent pillow.

Look forward to some progress updates next week!


  1. LOVING the new blog profile pic!!! Is it professional?

  2. Actually, no! But thanks :) I took it myself using photo booth. I'm having someone redesign my blog and she needed a picture of me and I have no recent ones, so I took it as a last resort.

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