13 January 2012

Guest Room: The Details

The process of painting the guest room has temporarily been put on hold.
(See my plans for the guest room here)
We actually are having guests staying in the room both this weekend and next. 
This weekend Jordan's best friend will be in town from New York. 
Next weekend my best friends from college are coming from NY/NJ.
I figure forcing them to sleep in a room full of paint fumes is not so hospitable. 

I did manage to put a few tester paint areas on the wall to see how they look in the sunlight.
I know it just looks white in the below pictures, but since we'll be dealing with white trim, white closet doors and a white bed, I wanted to make sure the whites looked alright together. I'm using Martha Stewart's 'Lamb' in eggshell. The same white I used to paint the stripes in Lucy's room.

Even though the painting itself hasn't progressed much and won't in the next week or so, I have been working on some of the smaller details and projects for the room.

I picked up these great little gold knobs from Anthropologie on sale for $7.99 each. 
They will be replacing the pewter knobs on the closet doors. 

My mom gave me this vintage suitcase that belonged to my great-grandmother.
Although I hope to possibly find one or two more at a thrift shop or Goodeals,
I love the personal touch of one passed down from my family. Note her initials are on the suitcase, too.

I'd love to incorporate this suitcase (and any others I can find) in the room somehow.

I found a great globe while thrifting a few weeks back and have yet to find a home for it.
This would be a great way to use both the globe and suitcase(s).

I could incorporate my vintage window from Goodeals in a similar way that Emily (from Cupcakes and Cashmere) used this vintage mirror.

I've had this wooden wine crate for several years now that I brought home from work. It sat in our dining room forever with the hopes of finding some cool way to use it. When the dining room was repainted and the furniture swapped, the wine crate got the boot.

I plan to stain and fix it up similar to this crate from The House of Smiths.
I can store a spare blanket and towels for our guests inside.

I already mentioned my pallet inspiration and hope to get my pallet from work sometime next week so I can get started prepping the wood to be painted.

And finally, I'd like to arrange a number of gold frames in assorted shapes and sizes on the wall. They will probably go where the Audrey pictures I took down used to be.


I already have this great frame to use and will pick up some more at thrift stops.

One of the frames will hold this gorgeous butterfly print that I purchased from a great estate sale with tons of paper pieces back in November.

I'm hoping to have a super productive weekend. Working on the guest room when I can, 
and getting a jump start on some homemade Valentine decorations.

Happy Friday!! 

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