16 March 2012

Maxi Re-Do

I know I talk a lot about DIY in the home, but there are times when I DIY some of my clothes, too.

Like many other girls my age, I loved watching Sex and the City. I found Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe to be incredibly inspiring - not just because she wore gorgeous pieces, but because of the innovative way she dressed. So much of how they dressed Carrie was a DIY project in itself. Her character would take something simple and wear it in a way it wasn't meant to be worn. Carrie would wear a sleeveless or backless cocktail dress paired with a very bold, visible bra underneath. Or she would take the simplest t shirt and wear it with an elaborate skirt and heels. She wasn't afraid to push the limit and show a little belly or wear a ridiculous headpiece. I wished I could dress like that and get away with it.

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Also, I think we all should acknowledge that Carrie Bradshaw was years ahead of the whole ombre hair trend.

This week I did my own little mini DIY to my outfit. I've been seeing Maxi skirts everywhere and while I've been loving the trend, I have yet to jump on the bandwagon and buy one for myself. Now I have about a dozen maxi dresses from when I was pregnant and pretty much wore a maxi dress everyday that I wasn't in leggings. 

Years ago I bought this maxi dress from Urban Outfitters. I love the print and have worn this dress dozens of times. Who doesn't need a good black and white dress?

While I love my maxi dresses, the strapless and opened back isn't really suitaut to wear a cardigan or blazer on top.

I decided to do two things: 1. wear the dress that I love in a way that's appropriate for work, and 2. create the look of a maxi skirt that I craved without going out and buying a skirt. To do this, I simply folded the top of my maxi dress in at the empire waist paired my dress with a simple v-neck gray t shirt and fitted waist belt. ble to wear to work. And because it's been so unusually warm this past week, I wasn't abo

Maxi dress: UO; v-neck T: F21; necklace: F21; belt: gift

Sure this isn't that crazy and innovative, but it was wearing something in a different way than it was meant to be worn. I'm vowing to be more creative and thoughtful in the way I dress. I still think that I missed out on a good 6 months of fun clothes when I was pregnant and now I'm making up for it!

While I can't ever say that I don't repeat outfits, I do try my best to re-wear certain pieces in different ways and pair them with items I wouldn't necessarily think to at first. I hate to take staple item and wear it the exact same way with the same pieces each time, no matter how much I love the outfit.  Call me crazy but I think a really good outfit should only be worn a handful of times before it's been overdone.

It's 6:00 and it's still gorgeous out! Jordan and I are off on a date night tonight, then enjoying family time all day tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Can't wait to see your new blog design. And genius with the dress! Can you be my stylist?

    1. I'm so excited for the new design. I'm dying for a brighter, fresher look.

      Here's my secret in shopping: I buy cheap (H&M/F21) so if I only wear it a handful of times I don't mind as much because it cost next to nothing.

  2. I think i like it even BETTER as a skirt, and I am definitely attempting it with a few of my maxi dresses (when I am done being pregnant!)

    Thanks for the idea! :)

    1. I was maxed out on maxis at the end of my pregnancy. So I might still be a little tired of them and not ready to start wearing them again, so doing them in a new way is much more fun.

  3. This is absolutely adorable Jessica.
    And HELL YES!!! to Carrie Bradshaw's style. So inspiring :)