16 March 2012

Spring Cleaning - Mini Blog Update

I apologize for how light my posts have been this week, but I promise it is all for a good reason.
While I haven't been doing many DIY around the house this past week, I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on the blog. For the past three weeks I've been working closely with a designer who has redesigned the SKOL blog.  We are hoping to have it completed in the next week and installed shortly after. I'm also trying to clean up some old posts, fix pictures, edit tags, blah blah blah.

Basically, Spring is coming and I'm ready for a fresh, lighter and brighter look and a more organized blog. We can call it a 'spring cleaning' of the blog.
Here is just a sneak peak of the new layout.

We still have a few small tweaks and proofs to go through before it's up and running. I'm so picky that I'm sure I'm driving the designer nuts. I can't help it though, I'm a detail oriented person.
I'm really excited not only with how the layout is going to look, but with the new direction I am planning to take the blog. Included in this blog 'spring cleaning', I am working towards having an up-to-date house tour page, and an actual 'about me' page among other things. I am also creating a completely organized and easy to maneuver catalgoue of all my DIY projects in one place. 
I also plan to branch out a little with my blogging. While this blog is primarily a DIY blog that talks a lot about home decor, I would like to do more with the lifestyle aspect. I've done a few clothing or beauty posts in the past and a recipe post or two, but would like to make it a weekly occurance. So I have decided to dedicate Friday posts to a 'lifestyle' topic, whether it be fashion, nutrition, recipes, fitness, whatever I'm feeling that week. I'll let the next few weeks be sort of a test run and see how it goes.
Check back later to read my first Friday Lifestyle post!

And don't worry, I'll be back next week with some fresh DIY and a pallet update.

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