06 March 2012

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!

Most of the pillow covers I ordered from Etsy have arrived. I was so excited each time a new one arrived that I immediately put it into place. It's such a refreshing change to see our living room with some nice neutrals and no harsh, bold colors that clash with each other.

I also love how the corner above the couch looks without the black leaf candle holder that I spray painted and moved to the guest room.  Much more open.

I'm debating if I want to keep or move the black and white pillow now that I have all grey and light colored pillows on the couch. I still love the black pillow (a West Elm purchase, if I remember correctly) and would just put it somwhere new.

Here is the chevron cover from Mandy's Etsy shop, "Pillow Confections.
I'm so glad the sent me this cover. I'm really happy with how it looks on the couch and how well it goes with the other covers I ordered.

I'm still loving the chevron theme (check out how to paint your own chevron design) and will most likely incorporate even more into our home in the near future.

I actually just received this pillow cover last night, but haven't had a chance to take new pictures of the couch.

Jordan has already told me that this one is his favorite of the pillow covers, so I scored his approval on the new textiles! Always a nice bonus.

Next up for the living room I want to revamp our light fixtures on both side tables. They are both boring brushed nickel stands with plain white shades. Obviously I'd rather redo them myself rather than smapend $50+ each on new lamps. I have a few ideas of how I am going to revamp them, so stay tuned!

Also, remember for the month of March Mandy is offering a 25% discount on pillow covers when you use the code SIMPLEKINDIFLIFE at checkout. Be sure to check out her shop  Pillow Confections and grab yourself some new pillow covers!

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