03 April 2012

I'm Dreaming of a White Office

I'm in desperate need of some space to do my work. I'm craving some sort of real work space that doesn't include a couch and a TV.  We have a small room in our basement that was the office of the previous owners. I'm planning to revamp that space into my little office. The room currently holds gift wrap, boxes and bags, holiday decor, leftover wedding stuff, Jordan's man room decor, and all my craft supplies. I need to clean out, clean up, and organize the space. Of course I can't start this until I finish the guest room.

So in the meantime, I'm dreaming.....

Three above images via Pinterest

Speaking of the guest room, no I have not forgotten or given up on the pallet. Two weekends in a row of rainy, gloomy weather has put me behind a bit in finishing since I do my painting and sanding on the deck. With a three day weekend ahead, I'm planning on getting some serious guest room work done. 

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