02 April 2012

March Photo Challenge Recap

Do you even want to hear my poor excuses for failing yet another Photo a Day Challenge? If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed how my photo challenge pictures suddenly halted about 2/3 into the month. I was so determined and motivated to complete March since February was a bust. Yet somehow, around the same mark (the 17th this time) I started to slip. Apparently I skipped 18 all together, went straight to 19 and just gave up after that. 20 was Before and After and I was over thinking how I would do it and in the end just gave up. 

Regardless, I decided to share with you the photo categories I did complete for the month of March.

Some of the photos I tried to have some fun with. Like on day 14 there was literally not a cloud in the sky on the day I had to photograph clouds. So mine was sort of an opposite photo. But I wanted to be real for that day and not take the picture the following day when there were clouds. I cheated a little in that 5 was actually from the morning Lucy was born. It was the first picture of Jordan and Lucy at 2am and he had that grin on his face for hours. Either way, I was on a roll and I bombed. Again.

Now I told myself that if I couldn't do March, I wasn't going to make a big deal out of attempting April's Challenge. In fact, I forgot about the photo challenge all together until Jordan mentioned it yesterday.  He told me to do it again this month and said he would do it with me as a motivator to keep going. Plus knowing us, it will turn into a little friendly competition over who will last the longest. And I can't let him win!

As another push, I plan to post my Photo a Day photo on the blog each day. That should serve as another little kick in the butt each day knowing that it will be a little more noticeable if i give up this time. I won't be able to sneak off quietly the way I did the past two months.

So without further adieu, the categories for April:

And of course here is day 1 (properly taken and posted yesterday)

1. Your Reflection #photoadayApril

Stay tuned for today's picture later this evening!

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  1. Great photos Jessica! Keep 'em coming. And I wouldn't worry about not being able to finish each month's challenge. What's more important is that you keep trying to do 'em. :0)