24 April 2012

Lucy's 9 Month Milestones

I feel like I just posted her 8 month update. 9 months just seems so old and our little girl just seems so big these days. It amazes me how much she develops each month and how different she looks in pictures just weeks apart. I love to just watch her when she's playing independently and interacting with her toys. I'd love to know what goes through her mind sometimes. 

We have her 9 month appointment this Friday and will find out her current weight and length (and if she's still super tall for her age). 
  • Lucy now has one and a half teeth on the bottom
  • She is eating two solids a day - usually cereal and either a fruit or vegetable - along with her usual diet of breastmilk. Keeping all solids organic.
  • We've also given her a few dissolvable finger foods that she will feed herself, but she mostly likes to play when them.
  • She is a crawling machine, but is already trying to walk. She stands up any chance she gets and scoots around while holding onto tables, chairs, people's legs, etc.
  • She claps and waves a lot now and is starting to react when you clap or wave to her.
  • She still laughs so much. It's my absolute favorite sound (until that little voice starts talking.)
  • We have slowly been transitioning Lucy to sleep in her crib at night. It isn't easy and some nights she only makes it half way before we bring her into our room because she just won't sleep. We've had one night that she lasted until 6am, so we are being patient. Each night gets a little better.
  • For the most part her talking is still babble, but she is learning new sounds all the time (for example, she recently started saying 'fffff'). She did say 'hi' to my mom the other day, but I can't get her to say it to me. Again, we are being patient. She will talk when she's ready to chat.
  • You can see in the photos she is tugging at her ear - Lucy's sign of being sleepy. I was able to get a few good shots before she was over the camera.
  • She is pretty on target with her age and the size clothes she wears., but I think her feet are small. She's wearing size 3 in shoes and even then, they are sometimes big.

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