18 April 2012

Pallet Paint DONE

It look much longer than anticipated, but the pallet is finally, 100% finished being painted. It took so long due to a number of things, both within and out of my control. Two weekends in a row of rainy, damp weather didn't help since the pallet needed to be worked on outside on our deck. The pallet was also a lot more prep work than anticipated. I did several rounds of sand, spackle, sand, spackle, prime, spackle, sand before I was ready for the real paint to go on. While I didn't mind a few of cracks and minor flaws, I wanted to make sure to fill in any large gaps, cracks or holes in the wood.

Even when it was finally time to paint, I had to alternate between spray paint and painting by hand to get between and underneath all the wood panels. It was quite a chore. It will be some time before I'm ready to prime and paint another pallet! Luckily my next pallet will be staying as is.  

It's not perfect, but I never expected (or necessarily) wanted it to be perfect.

I bought these great hooks from Home Depot. The look almost identical to the ones in my inspiration photo, except I opted for a different metal finish. These ones are more of an oil rubbed bronze, whereas the ones in my inspiration photo are brushed nickel.

Of course the next step is hanging it up on the wall. We've been going back and forth a little on where exactly to hang the pallet. There are two possible spots: on the left side of the wall right after where the door opens, or on the opposite wall in place of the dresser. If the latter is the case, we may move the dresser into the closet or try to find another spot for it. Because of the size and layout of the room, we are pretty limited in our furniture placement. We also need to plan out exactly how we are going to securly install the pallet so that we can properly use the hooks and hang things from them.

In the meantime I am still planning out the rest of the room, I am on the hunt for some good light fixtures, a solid mirror, window treatments, and a few more gold frames for the wall.   

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