28 April 2012

Vacation & Caught My Eye: 4.28.12

WE ARE GOING ON VACATION. A little get away for some R&R, sun and sand. And boy do we need it. We leave early Monday morning so unless I get some sort of inspiration while laying in the sun, blogging may be slow for the next week. 

In the meantime, here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

Check out this rainbow birthday party invitation template. With just under three months to go, I'm already mentally planning Lucy's first birthday party.

I may have given this blog a shout out before, but you should check out Meggan's take on home birth, homemade baby food and other topics on organic mothering.

Earth Day was this past week. Check out the card Danielle made over at Neat&Tangled using recycled materials. 

I love this idea. Movie theatre/restaurant in one??

Jo always has great gift guides. This one's for Mother's Day. 

This picture is inspiring me to take up watercolor painting.

Has anyone done Project Life? I'm dying to. Just can't decide when to start.

I wear my denim shirt probably too much, but I'm all about this trend. 

Who doesn't love free art?

I'm a bit obsessed with all these amazing Photoshop tips

So dainty.

Speaking of jewelry, I'm on the hunt for the perfect thin gold ring. Or a dozen.

In other news, I signed our baby girl up for the Gap casting call modeling contest. Check out her entry here, and feel free to 'Like'! I'm not sure if the likes even do anything. Gap chooses the finalists mid May to vote. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out :) And you need to do Project Life, peer pressure!