29 May 2012

Life Through My iPhone

I didn't get a chance to prep the post I wanted to do today, so I'm sneaking on here during my lunch break to share recent Instagram photos and show you all what we've been up to the past few weeks.


Row 1: First dinner on the deck this year - some impromptu landscaping.
Row 2: Vintage goodies at work - painting - my favorite new scent for cleaning
Row 3: Greek salad (my new weakness) - Lucy's first crayon - Mother's Day flowers 
Row 4: Point-to-Point, an annual local horserace (or, an excuse to dress up and drink!)
Row 5: Lucy's first baseball game
Row 6: New copper shoes - Mother's Day gift - Ikea trip with my girl
Row 7: New living room art - Red Sox win with my love - feeding my shopping addiction
Row 8: Beer dinner  menu- Memorial Weekend To-Do list - My ever growing canvas collection

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