14 May 2012

Mother's Day in Pictures

As you all probably know, yesterday was my first official Mother's Day. I was about 8 months pregnant last year, so that one doesn't really count. I had a perfect weekend with our little family. Saturday was spent just my girl and me while Jordan worked. We went to the park and played on the swings, and stopped by the mall to grab lunch together and do a little shopping for the other mommies in our family.

Sunday morning I came out of the shower and was greeted with a pile of gifts to open in bed. Spoiled rotten. I loved everything, including the 'LJ' necklace from Anthropologie that Lucy is playing with in the below pictures. We had a delicious brunch with my family in the morning and I was able to spend some good time with my mom and grandmother. Later in the evening we stopped by the local college campus to take some shots of Lucy and me before we went to dinner just the three of us. We'll be celebrating with Jordan's family later this week.

I honestly can say that being a mother is the absolute best gift I have every received. I'm amazed how much I fall more and more in love with Lucy as each day passes. I can't wait to share her 10 month milestones with you all next week. She learned to kiss. Well, sort of... you can see below.

Happy Mother's Day to my fellow mommy (and mommy-to-be) bloggers and readers!

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  1. What beautiful pictures!! Sounds like you had a special day :)