15 May 2012

Wall O' Wedding Turned Wall O' Family

As I mentioned yesterday, I updated the gallery wall in our living room. The dark furniture, dark pillows, dark floor, dark frames, etc. were just too much. A while back I took the metal leaf out of the room and repainted it gold for the guest room. I also swapped out the orange and dark pillow colors for more neutral grey and white patterns. The next step in brightening up the living room was to adjust the gallery wall. I wanted to swap out the photos anyway since we've creeped up on two years that we've been married and the wall o' wedding has served it's purpose. Now that we have LJ, I wanted to frame more family oriented photos, and add a few non-black and white in the mix.



Here is a side by side comparison:

Here is a shot of all the photos up close. A lot of the pictures are recent ones taken during or around our recent vacation. You will see I did keep the one wedding photo of Jordan and me walking in the reception. That picture is my favorite photo of the entire wedding. I also framed the photo strips we took home from a wedding we attended last fall. I love the pictures so much and we had such a good time that night.

I kept a few black and white shots in the mix, but decided to add some color to half of them. I'm nowat the point that I don't need all of my photos to be black and white. (Sorry for the glare. Any tips on photographing glass in daylight are welcomed!)

And you might remember the LOVE print I purchased from Clover Market. It was framed and found it's place on the wall, too.

What do you all think? Better and brighter?

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