19 June 2012

Father's Day in Pictures

We had a great Father's Day. Early morning, Lucy and I woke Jordan with OJ and presents in bed. For this daddy's first Father's Day we tried to spoil him a little. Lucy got Jordan a book filled with pictures of the two of them all during his first year as a Daddy. Over the past year I have taken dozens of photos of the two of them sleeping, hence the title of the book, "A Year of Naps." I also included a number of photos I've taken of the two of them since she was born. I included a few shots of the book below. Lucy also got her daddy a new Brookstone music player for his iPod since he gave his to Lucy to listen to lullabies when we put her to bed. (We downloaded lullaby versions of some John Mayer, Maroon 5 and David Bowie songs and have been incorporating that into her bedtime routine.)

I bought Jordan some personalized stationary as well as a gift card to one of his favorite clothing stores. In case you were wondering, both the book and personalized stationary were ordered from Pinhole Press. Great personalized gifts. I will definitely shop there again.

Once the excitement of presents was over, he and Lucy settled back to sleep for a bit while I did some things around the house (including hanging the curtain rod in the guest room by myself!). We spend the rest of the afternoon at my parents' home where we enjoyed a BBQ with my family. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day, too!

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